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Lista completa de ganadores de los Chlotrudis Awards

Por Javier Navío - 22/03/21 No hay comentarios

- 'Retrato de una mujer en llamas' es la gran triunfadora de los premios de la Chlotrudis Society for Independent Films
- 'Nunca, casi nunca, a veces, siempre' es la más premiada con tres galardones

And Then We Danced
First Cow
Never Rarely Sometimes Always
Portrait of a Lady on Fire 
Sound of Metal

Cat in the Wall
Ghost Tropic 
Light from Light 
Marona’s Fantastic Tale
Song Without a Name
The Whistlers

Kantemir Balagov for Beanpole
Eliza Hittman for Never Rarely Sometimes Always 
Darius Marder for Sound of Metal
Kelly Reichardt for First Cow
Céline Sciamma for Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Riz Ahmed for the role of Ruben in Sound of Metal 
John Boyega for the role of Leroy Logan in Red, White and Blue
Levan Gelbakhiani for the role of Merab in And Then We Danced 
Delroy Lindo for the role of Paul in Da 5 Bloods
John Magaro for the role of Cookie in First Cow
Mads Mikkelsen for the role of Martin in Another Round

Tsai Chin for the role of Grandma in Lucky Grandma
Sidney Flanagan for the role of Autumn in Never Rarely Sometimes Always 
Adèle Haenel for the role of Héloïse in Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Aubrey Plaza for the role of Allison in Black Bear
Eliza Scanlen for the role of Milla in Babyteeth
Evan Rachel Wood for the role of Old Dolio in Kajillionaire

Christopher Abbott for the role of Gabe in Black Bear
Orlin Asenov for the role of Jojo in Cat in the Wall
Oswin Benjamin for the role of D in The Forty-Year-Old Version
Ben Mendelsohn for the role of Henry in Babyteeth
Paul Raci for the role of Joe in Sound of Metal
David Thewlis for the role of Father in I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Jane Adams for the role of Jane in She Dies Tomorrow
Toni Colette for the role of Mother in I’m Thinking of Ending Things
Hannah Mosqueda for the role of Jenny in Gutterbug
Vasilisa Perelygina for the role of Masha in Beanpole
Ramona Edith Williams for the role of Frances in Saint Frances
Debra Winger for the role of Theresa in Kajillionaire

Another Round
Blow the Man Down
I’m Thinking of Ending Things
Lovers Rock
Sorry We Missed You

I’m Thinking of Ending Things screenplay by Charlie Kaufman, based on book by Ian Reid
Mouthpiece screenplay by Patricia Rozema based on Amy Nostbakken, Norah Sadava play
Shirley screenplay by Sarah Gubbins, based on the book by Susan Scarf Merrell
Words on Bathroom Walls screenplay by Nick Naveda, based on the book by Julia Walton

Farewell Amor, screenplay by Ekwa Msangi
Kajillionaire, screenplay by Miranda July
Never Rarely Sometimes Always, screenplay by Eliza Hittman 
Sorry We Missed You, screenplay by Paul Laverty
Sound of Metal, screenplay by Darius Marder and Abraham Marder, story by Darius Marder and Derek Cianfrance

Sergey Ivanov, Beanpole
Anthony Gasparro, First Cow
Molly Hughes and Merissa Lombardo, I’m Thinking of Ending Things
Thomas Grézaud, Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Julien Tremblay, The Twentieth Century
Adam Dietrich, The Vast of Night

Mauro Herce, Fire Will Come
Benjamin Cracun, Monsoon
Claire Mathon, Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Katelin Arizmendi, Swallow
M.I. Littin-Menz, The Vast of Night

Robert Frazen, I’m Thinking of Ending Things
Chris Dickens and Steve McQueen, Lovers Rock
Gabriel Rhodes, Time
Matthew Rankin, The Twentieth Century
Andrew Patterson, The Vast of Night 

And Then We Danced – Zviad Mgebry, Music Supervisor
I’m No Longer Here – Javier Nuño and Joe Rodriguez, Music Supervisors
Lovers Rock – Mica Levi, Composer; Ed Bailie and Abi Leland, Music Supervisors 
Nobody Knows I’m Here – Carlos Cabezas, Music Supervisor
Sylvie’s Love – Fabrice Lecomte, Composer; Frankie Pine, Music Supervisor; Steven Argila, Music Producer

Boys State
Crip Camp
Dick Johnson is Dead
The Rabbi Goes West

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